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Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems
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The Vodafone Chair is constantly seeking highly qualified Post-Docs, Research Associates (Ph.D. students) and Research Assistants (graduate students).

If you are looking for a position as a Post-Doc or Ph.D. student, are highly qualified and consider yourself to belong to the top 5% of your year, please submit your application which clearly describes your expertise/objective including your curriculum vitae to:

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fettweis
Technische Universität Dresden
Vodafone Chair
01062 Dresden

Please make sure to include copies of your diploma certificate and examination results.

Graduate students seeking an appointment as Research Assistants are encouraged to contact our Research Staff




Current openings

  • Performance Evaluation of heterogeneous waveform parametrizations for V2V under different channel conditions

  • The current standardization of the 5th generation of mobile cellular networks (5G) is ongoing. Different to legacy cellular technologies, 5G considers a broad number of heterogeneous services within its deployment. For example, the International Communications Union has defined three scenarios: evolved Mobile Broad Band (eMBB), Ultra Low Latency and High Reliability Communication (ULLRC) and massive Machine-Type Communication (eMTC). Additionally, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is foreseen as a corner store use case to tackle in 5G.
    In order to approach the characteristic requirements of such different services, from a Physical Layer perspective, the standardization bodies and academia are proposing different waveform parametrizations for different services and deployments. This project wants to evaluate the different 5G waveform configurations under different propagation conditions / channel characteristics. For this reason, the candidate is required to implement required software modules of a communication chain.  There exists the possibility of integrating an open source library for this study.
    The skills expected from the candidate are:
    •    Good knowledge in Matlab programming.
    •    Good understanding of signal processing techniques
    •    Well-founded understanding of communications theory and communications systems
    •    Ability to work independently
    If this position appeals you, please send your CV, score sheet and a description of relevant projects / lecture you have engaged in to:

    Arturo Gonzalez, M.Sc.
    Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems
    TU Dresden​

  • Time period: Flexible (3-6 Months)
  • Contact: M.Sc. Arturo A Gonzalez Rodriguez