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TU Dresden
Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems
01062 Dresden

TU Dresden
Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems
Helmholtzstr. 10
01069 Dresden

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 Research at the Chair

Our research projects​ cover almost every aspect of wireless communications and as we strive to overcome the limitations of today’s algorithms and hardware, our members are actively involved in the design of next generation ​mobile communications systems. The past 16 years of experience have brought us efficient structures and powerful methodologies. In particular by researching physical layer systems in conjunction with hardware architectures, the Vodafone Chair is able to close the gap between baseband algorithms and hardware (RF and IC) implementation issues. Lead by strong motivation and with the support of powerful engineering tools, our highly qualified researchers are able to successfully contribute to the scientific community through award-winning publications and PhD theses​.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

 Latest Publications



  • A. Wolf, P. Schulz, D. Öhmann, M. Dörpinghaus and G. Fettweis
  • Rate-Reliability Tradeoff for Multi-Connectivity

  • M. Matthé, D. Zhang and G. Fettweis
  • Low-Complexity Iterative MMSE-PIC Detection for MIMO-GFDM

  • M. Matthé, I. S. Gaspar, L. Mendes, D. Zhang, M. Danneberg, N. Michailow and G. Fettweis
  • Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing: A Flexible Multi-Carrier Waveform for 5G

 Latest PhD Theses



  • David Öhmann
  • High Reliability in Wireless Networks Through Multi-Connectivity

  • Jens Bartelt
  • Joint Design of Access and Fronthaul Uplinks in Cloud Radio Access Networks

  • Tobias Seifert
  • Turbo Receivers for Equalizing Frequency Selective MIMO-Channels: Algorithm and Implementations