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Ziele des Lehrfaches

This lecture is held in English and is mainly aimed at students in our Master program, who are not yet familiar enough with the German language. The content corresponds to the German lecture "Nachrichtentechnik".

Inhalt des Lehrfaches


  • Signal description: sine signals, Dirac impulse, spectral representation, low pass signals, band pass signals
  • Linear time invariant systems
  • Analog modulation: amplitude modulation, frequency modulation
  • Sampling theorem: sampling theorem for low-pass signals, sampling theorem for band-pass signals, sampling kernels
  • Digital modulation: frequency shift keying, phase amplitude modulation
  • Stochastic signals: spectral properties, correlation, noise
  • Networks, multiplexing techniques (ATM)


Problems and examples related to Fourier transform, analytical signals, linear time invariant systems, simple AM and FM transceivers, sampling and interpolation filters, digital modulation schemes and stochastic systems.​

Vorausgesetzte Kenntnisse

​System theory or electrical networks