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Hardware/Software - Codesign für Signalprozessoren


  • Moduleinordnung:
    im Modul Digitale Signalverarbeitung und Hardwareimplementierung (ET-12 10 16) im
    - Master-Studiengang Elektrotechnik (Wahlpflichtmodul 2. Semester),
    - Diplom-Studiengang Informationssystemtechnik (Wahlpflichtmodul 6. Semester),
    - Diplom-Studiengang Elektrotechnik (Wahlpflichtmodul 8. Semester),
    im Modul Hardware / Software Codesign (NES-12 10 03) im
    - Master-Studiengang Nanoelectronic Systems (2. Semester)
  • Zeitlicher Ablauf (V-Ü-P): 2 1 0
  • Zeit: V Mo 2.DS
    Ü Di 4.DS 2.Wo. (gerade Wochen - even weeks only)
  • Raum: V: BAR 205
    Ü: BAR 106
  • Prüfung: Written
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Ziele des Lehrfaches

The lecture provides insights into the methodology and various aspects of hardware and software implementation of practial problems from the area of communications engineering. In particular the mutual influence of both design aspects (Codesign) are studied  in order to optimize the circuit design. Accompanying the lecture a lab will be offered in which the acquired knowledge is deepened.

Inhalt des Lehrfaches

  • Hardware requirements of digital signal processing algorithms
  • Overview of hardware architectures
  • Hardware platforms for software implementation of digital signal processing
  • Comparison of different processor architectures
  • Design requirements for flexibility of hardware and software components
  • Implementation options with different flexibility requirements
  • Strategies to improve performance and minimize power consumption

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