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In Progress

  • Radio Tomographic Imaging with Spectrum Sensing Networks

  • Author: Jie Zhang
  • Supervised by Dr. K. Kulkarni
  • Outage Analysis and Code Design for Multi-Connectivity for Correlated Fading Channels

  • Author: Yuhou Chen
  • Supervised by Dipl.-Ing. A. Wolf


  • Study and Implementation of flexible generalized frequency division multiple access framework

  • Author: Zhongju Li
  • Supervised by M.Sc. A. Nimr
  • Defense date: 19.11.2018
  • Development of accelerators for security features in embedded systems

  • Author: Lishan Zhang
  • Supervised by Dipl.-Ing. R. Wittig, Dr. E. Matus
  • Defense date: 1.11.2018
  • Evaluation of Vehicular Short-range Communication Techologies for High-density Platooning

  • Author: Joshwa Pohlmann
  • Supervised by Dipl.-Ing. R. Jacob
  • Defense date: 25.6.2018
  • Study of Power Allocation Schemes for Multi-Connectivity

  • Author: Jiaying Wang
  • Supervised by Dipl.-Ing. A. Wolf
  • Defense date: 31.5.2018
  • Design and Implementation of Low-Complexity LMMSE Filtering for Banded Lineaar Systems

  • Author: Dongyu Gao
  • Supervised by Dipl.-Ing. M. Matthe
  • Defense date: 31.5.2018
  • Design of Real-Time Joint Synchronization and Channel Estimation

  • Author: Mingzhe Wang
  • Supervised by M.Sc. A. B. Martinez
  • Defense date: 19.2.2018
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