Bjoern Almeroth - Personal Website

 Bjoern Almeroth - Personal Website

 Curriculum Vitae


2005 – 2010​

Diploma study of Informationssystemtechnik at

Technische Universität Dresden​

Diploma thesis:

“Trade-Off between Quality-of-Service and Energy Efficiency in Cellular Mobile Networks”

in cooperation with RadioOpt Gmb​H awarded with Hermann-Willkomm-Preis

Student thesis:

“Implementation and Test of a Link-Adaption Interface in the Multi-Antenna System Downlink”

in cooperation with Signalion GmbH​

Work experience

2010 – now 

Research associate at

Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems​

2009 – 2010

Internship and diploma thesis at

RadioOpt GmbH

2008 – 2009

Student assistant and student thesis at

Signalion GmbH




WS 2010

SS   2011

SS   2012

SS   2013

SS   2014

Erstsemester Praktikum Elektrotechnik





 Open Student / Diploma Thesis

As a research associate I can offer you various topics in the field of direct sampling, multi-band signal processing and modern RF receiver design. 

Interested in this or a similar topic? Contact me!

Former Students:

Roberto Canestrari (Masterarbeit)

„Analysis of Clock Jitter and Quantization Noise on the Performance of Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters", Oct. 2014


Stefan Schießl (Studienarbeit)

"Implementation and Evaluation of Direct Sampling 
Receivers Using Sigma-Delta-ADCs for Multi-Band Operation", Aug. 2014, PDF

Thomas Zeun (Studienarbeit)

"Implementation and Evaluation of a LTE Receiver employing 1-bit Quantization", Aug. 2014, PDF

Duc Quang Nguyen (Studienarbeit) 

"Modellierung und Analyse des Signal-zu-Rausch-Abstandes von Ein- bzw. Mehr-Band-Signalen bei uniformer Quantisierung", May 2013, PDF

 ​Projects and Activities

Scientific Talks:

  • "​The Impact of Jitter on the Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Uniform Bandpass Sampling Receivers" 
    at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring'14), Seoul, Korea, 21.5.2014
  • "Jitter Requirements for Bandpass Sampling Receivers utilizing Sample-and-Hold Circuits"
    at the 39th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP'14), Florence, Italy, 7.5.2014
  • "Feasibility Evaluations of Direct Sampling Receivers"
    at Ericsson Modem, Nuremberg, Germany, 6.2.2014
  • "Direct Sampling Receivers for Bandpass Signal Reception"
    at Stanford University, Stanford, USA, 13.9.2013
  • "Design Considerations for Direct RF Sampling Receivers"
    at Qualcomm Research, San Diego, CA,USA, 6.9.2013
  • "Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Direct Sampling Receivers with Realistic Sampling Circuit Models"
    at the 78th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall'13), Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2.9. - 5.9.2013
  • “Analyzing the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Direct Sampling Receivers”
    at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'13), Budapest, Hungary, 9.6. - 13.6.2013
  • “Analytical Interference Models for the Downlink of a Cellular Mobile Network”
    at the MMCOM IEEE Global Communications Conference 2011 (GLOBECOM'11), Houston, Texas, USA, 5.12. - 9.12.2011



   Research interests:
  • Direct sampling of RF signals, 
  • Receiver design for multi-band radio, 
  • High-speed Analog-to-Digital Converison
  • Sampling jitter and phase noise

Free-time activities:
  • Mountain biking with friends (days trips and tours)
  • Soccor with colleagues